Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Friends of Felton need your help!

Ambre Energy (Felton) Pty Ltd has lodged a planning application with Toowoomba Regional Council for a "Material Change of Use" over 589Ha, to establish site offices and storage areas.

I am writing to appeal to everyone to PLEASE write to Toowoomba Regional Council, to object to Ambre Energy's planning application. Friends of Felton's main argument is that although the application is for a couple of dongas, this is the first stage of Ambre's much bigger plans. They cannot be granted a Mining Lease until a thorough Environmental Impact Statement has been prepared ( and we'll have plenty to say about that), therefore this application should be rejected.

We know that many of the councillors are on our side, and some have spoken out strongly against Ambre's plans. However, they are all under a lot of pressure, not least from the Qld Govt, who have a huge debt and are keen for the project to succeed. We need to give the councillors as much encouragement as possible to reject this application.

Lets flood them with letters of objection!

Your letter doesn't need to be long, or typed (handwritten is fine). Just make sure you put your name & address on it, and sign it. It doesn't matter where you live, letters are valid from anywhere - as long as they get to Toowoomba Regional Council on or before Weds 6th August.

Feel free to forward this to anyone you think would help us. If you have neighbours or friends without email, please print this off for them.

Remember the Dalai Lama's remark - " If you think you are too small to make a difference, try spending the night with a mosquito".

The 2 next posts should help, sorry they're in reverse order.

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