Thursday, September 4, 2008

Fair Go for Felton

MEDIA RELEASE 3rd September 2008

Friends of Felton

Fair Go for Felton

The Premier recently announced a ban on new shale oil developments in Queensland for environmental reasons. In state parliament last week, the Minister for Mines & Energy stated that no new entitlements would be granted until a 2 year review had been carried out.

Friends of Felton were informed by the Premier's dept on 27th August that the Felton project proposed by Ambre Energy was not affected by the ban.

Friends of Felton call for the Felton project to be included in the shale oil ban on the following grounds -

1. The coal-to-liquids process at Felton is very similar to the process planned for the Whitsundays.

2. Shale has been identified in the resource at Felton ( Ambre Energy IAS 15 Feb 2008, pp 10-11).

3. The Whitsundays project threatened the Barrier Reef, the Felton project threatens the Murray Darling Basin.

4. Both projects would emit huge amounts of CO2 - at Felton, Ambre Energy themselves say 3t CO2 per 1t fuel.

5. The technology involved in both projects is equally unproven.

The Premier was quoted as saying "The environment must come first". By including Felton in the shale oil ban, she will demonstrate her concern for the natural environment as well as the political environment.


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