Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Climate Emergency Rally

Friends of Felton took part in the Climate Emergency Rally at Parliament House in Brisbane on Sunday.

Spokesman Rob McCreath addressed the crowd, and pointed out the huge environmental impact of the proposed Felton coal-to-liquids project. "Ambre Energy's own figures show their petrochemical plant would produce 3 tonnes of CO2 for every tonne of fuel produced.The open-cut mine would release large amounts of methane to the atmosphere, with serious climatic consequences."He said that agriculture was under attack from coal mining on two fronts. "Large areas of prime farmland are directly threatened with destruction, whilst climate change accelerated by the burning of coal is causing more frequent and severe droughts."

Paul Benedek, rally organiser from the Climate Emergency Network, said "Emissions cannot be allowed to increase. A tripling of coal production-as is planned by the Queensland Government-is an utter insanity that must be stopped. We are rallying to demand a massive shift to renewable energy, to public transport, and to sustainability. It is ironic that we are seeing a global plan putting $800bn into bailing out merchant banks, and yet there is seemingly nothing to bail out the planet that we live and depend on."

To listen to Rob's speech, click on the link below-

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Anonymous said...

Friends of Felton have done a good job because they took part in rally
and they came to know what Rob wants
to tell them.