Monday, June 22, 2009

Windmills and solar panels instead of dirty “Clean Coal”

MEDIA RELEASE 22nd June 2009


Friends of Felton today welcomed the release of the Queensland Government’s Renewable Energy Plan and offered Felton as a potential renewable energy site providing the Government bans coal mining development in the area.

The Felton Valley, 30km southwest of Toowoomba, is under threat from a proposal by Ambre Energy to build a 12.8 million t/yr open-cut coal mine, a petrochemical plant to convert the coal into liquid fuel, and a power station.

Spokesman Rob McCreath said “We know that the so-called ‘Felton Clean Coal Project’ would destroy and contaminate a large area of prime farmland with disastrous consequences for the environment and the local community with no net gain in employment. On the other hand, renewable energy production would co-exist easily with top quality food production and provide a net gain in employment without harming the environment or the community.”

Premier Anna Bligh said yesterday that “climate change is one of the great challenges of our age”.

Friends of Felton stands ready to play its part in meeting that challenge.


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