Monday, July 20, 2009

Top Secret Community Liason Group

Ambre Energy's community liason process for its so-called Felton 'Clean Coal' Project has been exposed as a farce. A community liason group (CLG) was established by the company last month, and the first meeting was held on 11th June.

Amazingly enough, Ambre Energy has refused to tell Friends of Felton who the members of the CLG are, saying it had been decided to keep this information confidential!

Here's a section from Ambre Energy's own Terms of Reference for their CLG -

AmbreEnergy has started a consultative process with relevant interested parties. A key aspect of this process is discussions with landowners and community members directly affected by the Project to identify any areas of concern. This process will continue and includes identification of all stakeholders, discussion with Local, State and Federal Government representatives, communication plans and consultation and negotiation on measures required to address compliance and community concerns.

AmbreEnergy will establish a Community Liaison Group (CLG)in 2009 as part of this consultation program. The CLG will provide a forum for discussion and exchange of views and information of relevance to the project.

The CLG will operate as part of an open and structured community consultation process. Information will be exchanged that will directly contribute to the EIS and aid AmbreEnergy’s understanding of the community and the potential impact the project.

How can this be an "open and structured community consultation process" if they won't tell the community who's on the CLG?


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