Wednesday, April 30, 2008

15th April 2008 Report

Friends of Felton Report

The main discussion point at the Friends of Felton public meeting held on 15th April was the change of plans by Ambre Energy.

Chair of Friends of Felton, Rob McCreath, was contacted last week by Ambre Energy to inform him of their change of direction. Ambre’s original plans were to base the infrastructure for crude oil, DME and gas production on the eastern side of Hodgson Creek.

Friends of Felton understand that Ambre are now planning to set up an initial demonstration plant on the western side of Hodgson Creek to make DME (dimethyl ether) and some gas for the power plant, but no crude oil. They plan to mine less coal (0.75 million tonnes per year) for the first 3 years before ramping up the mining operation to the originally planned 12 million tonnes of coal per year. Ambre want to set this plant up to prove the process, and rename the project as the “Felton Clean Coal Demonstration Project”.

The concerns of the Friends of Felton were not eased by this news at all, especially as feedback received suggests that governmental authority to start the project may be more forthcoming for these initial demonstration plans.

Visitors to the meeting, Friends of the Earth representatives, pointed out that Ambre’s plans to store carbon dioxide underground as a trial and check for leaks was very risky. The carbon capture and storage technology is untested at this stage, and Friends of Felton have no desire to be the guinea pigs in such an experiment.

This week’s slogan is KEEP FELTON GREEN - COAL ISN’T CLEAN

The next public meeting will be held on Tuesday 29th April at the Felton Hall, starting at 7pm. All are welcome to attend.

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