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Friends of Felton Report 13 May 2008

Friends of Felton Report

Massive Mine Planned for Felton

The Friends of Felton public meeting on 13th May heard that the planned production of the proposed Felton Mine could be four times that of the Acland Mine north of Oakey.

The thought of a Felton Mine four times the size of Acland was very concerning for all at the meeting, and it was felt that the surrounding communities were unlikely to be aware of the scale of this proposed enterprise. There are plenty of unanswered questions about pollution, environmental damage and the effect on water supplies causing concerns.

Friends of Felton will be meeting with the Toowoomba Regional Council members to inform them of the issues and discuss the powers of the planning legislation.

Friends of Felton will be present at both of the World Environment Day functions in Toowoomba on the 1st June, with information available for the public and a petition to sign.

A photographic display is being collated showing the richness and beauty of the Felton Valley, and this will be accompanied by a DVD with excellent photos of the threatened area.

The meeting voiced strong concern about a Young Nationals conference motion in support of the mine, which seemed very much at odds with the views of the local National party MP’s. Ray Hopper’s press release of 28 April, which strongly backed the importance of retaining the Felton farmland, is totally against this motion, and the group will make further representation to the National Party MP’s concerning this matter.

Various options to increase awareness about the potential mine and hybrid energy plant were discussed and will be reported on as they occur.


The next meeting will be on the 27th May at 7pm at the Felton Hall : all welcome

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