Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Farmers: Give a Tonne or Two to Felton!

From left: John Gilmour (FOF graindrive coordinator), Pat Sullivan (Graincorp Operations Manager), Rob McCreath (FOF President)

Friends of Felton this week launched a fundraising grain drive called “Give a Tonne or Two to Felton”.

We are currently raising funds to employ consultants to prepare a response to the EIS for the proposed Felton coal mining development, which Ambre Energy says will be released for public comment early 2010.
The Felton project is a test case, being the furthest advanced mining project on prime farmland.

It would be hard to imagine a proposal with more impact on farmland, the environment, and the community. We are confident that we can stop this project, and draw a line in the black soil which will set a precedent to protect other threatened areas, such as Caroona, Haystack and Jimbour.

‘Give a Tonne or Two to Felton’ is an easy way for graingrowers to contribute to the cause.

At any grain receival point, just ask for a tonne or two of grain to be warehoused under Friends of Felton’s NGR 12920138. Grain already warehoused anywhere in Queensland can also be transferred to FOF in the same way. Every little bit helps.
Ex-farm grain collection can also be arranged by FOF, please contact us to discuss.
Graincorp Operations Manager Pat Sullivan said his company was happy to support the FOF campaign. “This country has very little prime farmland, we should preserve it for food production”, he said.

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