Tuesday, October 13, 2009

No mining without planning

Friends of Felton met yesterday with Toowoomba Regional Council and requested:

Public support for a halt to all new mining development within the Toowoomba Region, until comprehensive land use planning has been undertaken which considers protection for prime farmland, areas of high environmental importance and closely settled areas.

Ambre Energy has applied for a Mining Lease at Felton. A number of other companies have identified coal deposits in areas such as Wyreema, Hodgson Vale, Wellcamp, and Pittsworth.

Spokesman Rob McCreath said “The Toowoomba Region as we know it is under threat from mining. Toowoomba Regional Council must speak up to safeguard our farmland, the environment, and local communities. How can Toowoomba be the Garden City if mines take all the water? How can Toowoomba be Australia’s Tidy Town if everything’s covered in coal dust?”

Toowoomba Regional Council is in the process of developing a new Planning Scheme with the following objective:

“Council’s principal goal is to protect and enhance the amenity of all land uses while retaining the special character of local communities.” (TRC Quarterly Winter 09)

We feel our request fits very well with Council policy. We look forward to their response.

Toowoomba Chronicle report 19th October: 'Council Urged to Speak Up'

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